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La Condesa

La Condesa is one of the most beautiful districts in Mexico City. It is named after Magdalena Dávalos de Bracamontes y Orozco, Countess of Miravalle, who, in the 18th century, owned a hacienda that extended all the way through what is today known as the area of La Condesa. An impressive architectural ensemble, La Condesa showcases some of the best components of Art Deco style, which gives it a touch of timeless elegance that no other neighborhood in the city can offer. Its location allows you to reach Mexico City’s main tourist attractions subway, bus, taxi, bicycle or private car.
At present, La Condesa is not only a haven of parks and green spaces for walkers and cyclists, but also recreational center of constant activity, cafes and restaurants clothing boutiques, art galleries, bars, and many more attractions. In the last year the Mexico City government has undertaken extensive renovations of public areas through La Roma and La Condesa, promoting the suburbs as two of the best areas in the city.